10 Games To Look Out For

We here at Nightmare Mode recognize that it is difficult to be mindful of the myriad of games that are being announced, developed or released during the year. There’s too much to keep track of, its true. Fear not, dear readers, because we have composed a list of ten yet-to-be-released games that are too interesting, awesome or amazing to miss out on.

Note: Numbers don’t serve any purpose except that of enumeration.

1) Alan Wake

What is it? Alan Wake is a psychological survival-horror game developed by Remedy Studios, the guys behind the Max Payne series. It is scheduled to release on May 18th.

Why should you care? Alan Wake promises to amaze us with its suspenseful story-driven experience. If Bright Falls is anything to go by, Alan Wake will engross the player through its creepy atmosphere. Reviews and previews are raving left and right over how its the first game in a long time which has scared them out of their wits–and honestly, can you remember the last truly scary game you’ve played?

Here’s a promotional video Remedy has released which sums up why you should care quite nicely:

And lastly, it has a mode called Nightmare Mode….like us! Instant-win.

2) Limbo

What is it? Limbo is a puzzle platformer developed by PlayDead Games, scheduled to release sometime this summer on XBL.

Why should you care? This game isn’t just your typical puzzle platformer. All you have to do is take a look at the gameplay trailer to know this. Playdead Games wants to create a game where you feel attached to your character, enough to be sad when he dies in gruesome ways. They want that fear, that atmosphere that old games like Heart of Darkness and (at its most primordial) Pitfall had. Quick, violent ends to the protagonist, the worry that, at any time, something awful could happen to you. It’s a retro choice, it’s coated in a fantastic coat of atmosphere.

3) Brink

What is it? Brink is a FPS developed by Splash Damage, set to release sometime this fall.

Why should you care? So many reasons. For one, Brink promises to seamlessly integrate your singleplayer with co-op and multiplayer. The people on the other team may well be someone else playing the opposite storyline. Brink also allows the player to approach the situation as they see fit through its class-system and objective-based gameplay. Don’t want to do the objectives of this specific class? You can just switch your class and suddenly you have a completely different set of objectives that can take care of this part of the game. The replay value of such a system is enormous. Not to mention that Brink will allow the player to fulfill their parkour fantasies while they play the game.

4) Fallout: New Vegas

What is it? Fallout New Vegas is an open-world sandbox which takes place in the future, after the world has been annihilated by nuclear bombs. It is developed by Obsidian Entertainment, and is scheduled to release sometime this fall.

Why should you care? Chances are, you’ve played Fallout 3 and loved it, and so there’s no reason you shouldn’t be excited for this game! Sin city is the backdrop for you to explore the absurdity and insanity that is post-apocalyptic America. We can expect more of the engrossing dialogue system which calls upon the player’s moral and ethical judgement to solve situations as they see fit. We’ve also been promised a better combat system, mods for our guns, a hardcore mode, and a companion wheel.  What we are trying to say here is that if you are a human being who plays video games there is no reason you should not enjoy this game.

5) Medal of Honor

What is it? MoH is a FPS developed by EA games, scheduled to release sometime this fall.

Why should you care? Beard. Err, I mean, EA is trying for our hearts with this one. Just take a look at this trailer:

Whether or not they’ll be succesful with that is yet to be seen. What we do know, however, is that DICE is manning the multiplayer component. That fact alone probably warrants a purchase. DICE are the gods of multiplayer action.

6) Starcraft 2

What is it? If you haven’t heard of Starcraft, your video game playing license has been revoked. The two on the end generally signifies a sequel.
Why should you care (if you’re not from Korea, where it’s the national sport)? Honestly, if you don’t care about Starcraft the first, there probably isn’t a lot for you here. Fast paced, 2-D fighter like levels of intricacy and twitch reflexes, coupled with some sort of narrative continuation to one of the best storylines ever set forth in a RTS, should make you a little curious, though.

Also, you get hilarious announcers of live matches on youtube. Starcraft is actually pretty well announced, in terms of video game sports:

7) LA Noire

What is it? Rather than highlight the already out in some places Red Dead Redemption, I’ve moved on to LA Noire, Rockstar’s other game set in a classic American setting. In this case, a film noir of the 1940’s, made into a game. If that doesn’t excite you, what will?

Why you should care? Rockstar’s seeming to be building games based around all the great “American” (yes, I know) movie types: gangster, western, and now film noir. The thought of a noir-ish GTA game, even if that isn’t what LA Noire turns out to be, is enough to excite anybody but the most cynical gamer. And the trailer looks freaking awesome, even if it’s not gameplay.

8.) Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom

What is it? A cross between Prince of Persia (the good ones), the Zelda series, and Ico/Shadow of the Colossus.

Why should you care? Besides that it’s so pretty? Well, for one thing, it’s being developed by Game Republic, who are made up of people who had been involved in making the Shin Megami Tensei games (before they left), as well as Folklore, a severely underrated PS3 title. Like, massively, incredibly underrated. Also, it stars a gorgeous looking earth/rock monster.

And it looks better in motion, too. Like most games.

9) ModNation Racers

What is it? It’s a kart racer given a LittleBigPlanet level of customization. Not much more needs to be said.

Why should you care? Remember when you were a kid, and the 64DD was announced, and they were going to make an F-Zero game where you could build your own tracks? Remember how that was the coolest thing in the world and then it didn’t happen (in America)?

Wait. You all aren’t me. Let’s try again. Remember how creating tracks is fantastic in Trackmania? Now imagine that, instead of a weird, quasi serious racing game, you were playing Mario Kart on those tracks. A better balanced version, from all accounts. And imagine making tracks was significantly easier.

Yeah. It looks fantastic.

10) The Last Guardian

What is it? You might recognize the name, or perhaps the art style. It’s the sequel to Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, two of the best games released on the PS2 (one of which I liked significantly more than the other). Even if it’s not spectacular, you know people are going to talk about it.

Why should I care? Well, Shadow of the Colossus was one of the greatest games ever, a success despite being a so called “art” game. This game is made by the same people, with similar themes. That’s good enough for most people, especially when you add the stunning art style, and the fact that the trailer looks fantastic.

Of course, there are other fantastic upcoming games. This list could have been made out of games coming out in the next few weeks alone. It’s a good time to be gaming, is what we have to say.