Weekend Note: Chanelling Francis

I’m sitting at the airport right now (or, well, I was when I was originally writing this), contemplating death itself. Okay that’s a bit dramatic…its just…I hate airports. I hate air travel. I hate airplanes. I hate customs. I hate luggage. I hate.
On the other hand today officially marks the first day of summer for me, so that means I’m going to have some major alone time with many-a-game. Too much time, because summer lasts about 4 months and there are no current job prospects for me.
Games which I intend to play this summer I’m either lumping under “meaningful” games which I’ve missed or want to replay, or indie games which I never gave attention to before. On this list are the following games (as of now):
PB Winterbottom
Fallout 1 &2
Original Metal Gear
Replay of FO3
Dragon Age: Awakenings
Alan Wake
Red Dead Redemption
Max Payne…possibly 2.
The World Ends With You (never finished it, though absolutely loved it)
Final Fantasy Tactics
Finishing playthrough of ME2 on insane
Finishing playthrough of Borderlands
Red Dead Redemption
That’s a lot of games, and summer is the best time to plow through such a list. On Monday I will be picking up both Red Dead and Alan Wake, so there should be more content relating to these games soon. My review of SSF4 is dropping early this week, not to mention the unveiling of our Monthly Topic.
So what are our lovely writers up to?
What time I have is dedicated to 3-D Dot Game Heroes, which is the truest role playing game of all time. In that my character has apparently written dissertations of save slots. I’ve done that!
I am playing ActRaiser and Bionic Commando. Bionic Commando has a good core mechanic, but obvious flaws. I guess that’s why people were so dissapointed with it: the flaws are so obvious, it’s unbelievable that the developers were not aware of them and decided to launch the game anyways. The radiation barriers is not nearly as annoying as other reviews made them to be (but they are still unforgiveable), but the game’s main problem is pacing.
Pacing is EVERYTHING in a single-player game. Pacing is what keeps us from playing the controller down. Bionic Commando is made up of several “get from point A to point B” scenarios but there is no plot development as a reward – so the only motivation I have it to follow the yellow point on the radar. Most of the time, Bionic Commando doesn’t even bother to come up with a McGuffin.
Still, the game is swinging’n’shoot mechanics are fun. It’s a pity, because that shows it’s a game that could be so much more than it is.
Everyone else is probably dead!
Onwards, to next week!


  1. Well, the editor won’t let me do line breaks for some reason. Sorry!

  2. Fernando Cordeiro

    I suggest you skip the first Max Payne, which can be as boring as the movie, and PB Winterbottom. I have no idea why I disliked it. I mean, it’s Braid written by Tim Burton, so I should love it, right?

    And yet, I can only play a couple of levels in a row before getting bored with it.

  3. I liked the first Max Payne. I just never finished it.
    Also, there’s a reason Braid is not on that list.

  4. curly

    brida i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again

    you need to vanguard it up

    once you go vanguard you never go back

  5. @necros: to clarify what i meant, i mean that i’m sure i wouldn’t be able to appreaciate PB if i’ve played braid, but that pb seems like a more interesting game to me so i’m willing to overlook braid to play it first, and appreaciate it.

  6. Tom

    By “Play 3-D Dot Game Heroes” I clearly meant “wallow in my own sadness as my throat explodes”.

    Seriously. All grass in the world must be destroyed.