Paul Wedgwood Talks Brink

Gametrailers has 8 minutes of Brink footage narrated by Brink’s Game director, Paul Wedgwood. Fortunately, you don’t have to go over there to learn all the cool new details revealed in the video…we’ve even got screenshots for your viewing pleasure!

This is the character selection screen. You can house up to 16 players on Brink, each of which can be completely unique.

Helping you create unique characters are cosmetic changes to your appearance–like clothes, facial features, make up, headwear…all sorts of stuff. You can see the appearance menu here:

Click on past the jump to see/read about abilities, buffs and weapon customization!

You can select different areas of your appearance, and selection will take you to a different menu where you can detail your changes to that aspect:

This is the same guy we started with just a screenshot ago, by the way.

We are also briefly shown the abilities menu.

As you can see, there are ‘universal abilities’ which can be given to anyone, regardless of class. These include ‘battle hardened,’ ‘combat intuition,’ ‘downed fire, and sense of perspective.’ Brink does, however, have class specific abilities. The soldier has ‘ammo boxes,’ the medic has a ‘life buff 1’ , a ‘life syringe’ which can be used to revive downed teammates, and lastly, the engineer has ‘weapon buff 1’. Each ability has a certain cost, denoted by…coins? These abilities can be used on the field, and Paul mentions that it is cheaper for you to buff your teammate than it is to buff yourself. Ideally, then, your teammates would be working together to keep each other stocked and healthy, as we can see happening in the video.

There’s also, as we know, weapon customization. The video tells us that the following will be available for customization: scopes, magazines, front attachment (silencer, what have you), and front grips. Assumably we will also be able to customize things like ammo and damage, though these were not depicted in the video.

Stay tuned as we bring you more up-to-date Brink info!