Some Fallout New Vegas Art

ART! It’s not what games are, according to Ebert. So we have destroyed the time-space continuum to bring you this artwork from Fallout New Vegas, straight from the king of cosmos himself, IGN. Reproduced here are the highest quality rugs and linens:

Cazadores! That new enemy we talked about in an earlier post about Fallout, which really could be any post of ours because I tend to post about things I like. Fallout is a thing I like.

Hit the jump to see some other great artwork of the landscape kind! By which of the more exciting kind! That’s why there’s a lot of exclamation points involved!

First, the not so exciting art. It’s a destroyed dam. There’s probably something on the other side.

Motel…I wonder if the easter egg in the original Fallout games will make a return?

Lastly, excite! I will cream my pants if what is depicted here is what we’ll actually be able to explore in full.

Now, if the graphics could look a little better, you know, to embody this art a bit more fully? Alas.