Vanquish Gameplay and Shinji Mikami Interview

If we didn’t convince you that Vanquish is awesome last time, we’re going to keep trying until that is the only thought your brain is capable of thinking. We have two choice videos for you: an interview with the director, Shinji Mikami, and a video showing actual Vanquish gameplay.


He cites a Japanese movie which I haven’t watched as a big influence on the game, and while its unlikely that I’ll be able to find it anywhere, it definitely gets me interested in watching it. He also talks about rhythm and tempo being a big part of the game, which would explain why the trailers for Vanquish feature such awesome movement. I rave about Gears and how organically you can do things like take cover, but Vanquish seems to take that to a whole new level. Honestly, this makes Marcus seem like a slow, old man when you look at how fast and smooth these suits allow you to go. Now its just a matter of seeing if the controls are adequate enough to take advantage of what is possible in the game. We’ll know if this is the case before the game comes out since Shinji mentions that there will be a demo before release.


Yes, the video is not quite as action packed as the trailers would have you believe…but it still seems pretty awesome. You do notice right away that there a focus on taking cover, though. We can also roll away from giant shoop da whoop mech lasers! Lastly, that bit where you blast forward and start beating the crap out of that mech? Can. Not. Wait.

I’ve never been a big fan of giant robots, but Vanquish may change my mind.