Buy Terraria! Also Steam Giveaways

Alright people, this better be the last time I tell you to buy Terraria. Today on Steam the game is only $2.50, and being December 1st the game has nearly doubled in size thanks to the 1.1 patch dropping. I can’t heap enough praise on this game, and to have content added frequently and of this staggering size, it just won’t stop. Can’t stop.

I’ll refresh your memory on the content of the patch that just dropped, for those who forgot or skipped over my needlessly wordy Steam Autumn Sale coverage. It will have 222 new items, 39 monsters, female characters, new ores to make new armor/weapons/items with, the ability to make traps, pumps, and other contraptions, a new lighting system and new bosses. Also more end game content, which when completed turns your world into a hard mode version. All that, piled onto the several smaller updates these past many months and you have one meaty package for a mere $2.50.

No solicitors!

Why, that’s cheap enough that you can buy more of the upcoming daily deals during the Daily Wishlist Giveaway Event. Yes, Steam’s war against my wallet continues, but this time with a twist. Everyday 10 people will win 10 games from their wishlist. Entering each day is as simple as logging in, having at least 10 items in your wishlist, and visiting the daily deal page. If I keep covering Steam sales, maybe they will fast track me to finally winning one of these things. I had so many tickets during the summer scavenger hunt, statistics or black magic or something has to swing in my favor now.

Notice how I didn’t mention buying the daily deal. No purchase is necessary for entering everyday, you just need to press your face up against the proverbial glass and drool at the sale. Restraining yourself from buying any of those super cheap games until the inevitable holiday sale/event. Those stronger then I will succeed at entering for free everyday.

So go forth and avoid logging into Steam, because I want to win, you get this one free pass to login so you can buy Terraria. After that stay away and increase my odds of winning games my computer can’t even run.


  1. Andrew McDonald

    Terraria seems fun, but it reminds me of another game I bought that sounded fun. In the last six months, I’ve spent maybe five hours playing Minecraft, so Terraria feels like a gamble. Yes, its really cheep, but would you buy a discounted almond candy bar when you don’t like other almond treats?

    • Chris Sommer

      I had the same problem, I played played even less Minecraft then you over a similar period of time. With Terraria I fell in for over 70 hours in two weeks, when I stopped I found out I was declared legally dead after an extensive manhunt.

      Its very different from Minecraft, the lack of a third dimension limits the problem I had, so much freedom that I just don’t do anything.

      It has just enough direction to get you started, and from their it has you. I recommend the gamble, people compare it to Minecraft all the time, but its a whole different beast.

    • Chris Sommer

      So less buying another almond treat, and more buying a totally different candy that people always confuse as an almond treat due to similar wrapper colors.

      • Andrew McDonald

        Well, I bought it. But I can see that we didn’t like Minecraft for different reasons.

        You cite too much freedom with little purpose.

        The reason I didn’t like Minecraft is a bit more shallow than that: the graphics.

        Joking. The real reason I didn’t like it is more to do with finding gameplay mainly made of staring at blocks for an hour while whacking them with a pickaxe so that I can either A)Build meaningless structures or B)Craft stuff with which I actually have to use an online source to discover. The combat is shallow. Farming is too simple to be compelling. Mods are a headache to install. I just feel like the game is the bastard child of Old-School Minecraft with a hack and slash RPG. Nails the Old-School Minecraft part, butchers the hack and slash RPG part.

        I get that some people find accomplishment in building elaborate structures, but I feel the boredom of whacking blocks makes the payout unsatisfactory.

        Terraria seems to have much more solid combat. Haven’t decided whether I like it or not.

        • Chris Sommer

          I can get behind some of those reasons for Minecraft, having 3 dimensions means digging forever and I never feel like I’m advancing in anyway.

          Terraria does have a more enjoyable combat mechanic with a large array of weapons to find and make. I started a new game today with a housemate and found a boomerang and built a grappling hook. Making an express tunnel straight down for thousands of feet is also a must.

          Playing with others and having a steam voice chat channel open makes for a great way to pass time. We are setting up a server over here, perhaps you can jump in with us at some point!

          • Andrew McDonald

            Sounds like fun.