Nintendo officially confirms Xenoblade Chronicles for North America

This morning a mysterious image of Gamestop’s release schedule featuring Xenoblade Chronicles, as a Gamestop exclusive to boot, popped up. Later Nintendo themselves confirmed that the long awaited Wii JRPG is finally coming to North America in April 2012! Nintendo is finally doing it! After all of the requests and complaints Nintendo is finally doing it! The bad news is that Xenoblade Chronicles will be exclusively sold at Gamestop, otherwise you have to order online from Nintendo themselves. Who cares though? The game is finally arriving and that’s that. Nintendo was even nice enough to show off a trailer for the game, featuring the English voice acting retained from the EU version.

Operation Rainfall must be feeling pretty good about themselves now eh? They’re campaign played a huge part in this, now people just have to buy the game. Lets hope Nintendo follows up with The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower if sales turn out well.

Via Nintendo


  1. Tom Auxier

    It’s literally the best news I’ve heard in months. Especially since British cast remains.

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