Steam Sales and My Loss of Money

It’s that time of year again. The one where Steam opens its gaping maw of absurd deals wide and inhales all of our money. I love it because, hey, cheap games. I hate it because those cheap games add up really fast and I have limited to no self control.

Anyway, to be an enabler, here is a link to the sale.

You may notice Orcs Must Die among the ultra cheap, and for that price ($3.75) you would be committed and lobotomized in some anachronistic asylum if you refused to buy it. If you recall we even reviewed that one, and it received some decent praise as well

No really, they must die.

The Oddboxx at $3.75 is also a massive dose of nostalgia and classic puzzling for a great price. We haven’t talked about any of those games yet, mostly because we are horrid monsters. These games are some of my milestones of growing up a gamer, and you owe it to yourself to buy this time capsule.

If you happen to be a masochist, then you will be interested in Duke Nukem Forever. One of the longest development times for one of the year’s greatest disappointments. Some words were spoke by us on the disappointment, for those curious and looking for an insufflation reference.

Although really, what were we expecting out of a Duke game?

If you never played Mass Effect 2, then I welcome you to the future, Victorian era chrononaut. Not everyone liked the direction this sequel took, and the possible choices of the third game leave some frothing at the mouth as they fight on message boards. I was more a fan of the first game, but if I said I didn’t still enjoy the hell out of the second I would be a filthy liar. Also we reviewed it, so check that out.

The golden child of 2011 is also on sale today, and with its recent free DLC drop it’s not a bad time to consider picking it up if you haven’t yet. Of course I’m talking about Portal 2. This is still my favorite game of the year, and after replaying Co-Op last week with someone who has never played it just cemented the opinion. The new Co-Op levels, by the way, are great. We have a number of Portal 2 posts floating around here. A rumination on the initial backlash for the game with what could be considered a partial review.  A discussion on the inclusiveness, or lack thereof, in the game; be sure to check out the comments on that one. Lastly we have a look into the imaginative nature of the game and what makes it, and other classic games, great.

Play it, worth it for the jokes alone.

Of course these are not the only games on sale, these are just the ones that sparked interesting discussions here at Nightmare Mode, or attracted us enough for a review. Also the ones selected by me due to my blatant bias, although I managed some restraint by not mentioning the amazing AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! A Reckless Disregard for Gravity. For the rest of the games on sale, be sure to check out the store page I linked way back at the top. I’ll also be showing up to press my opinions on you and point out the ultra cheap sales during this Autumn Sale.

Oh, also a number of developer packs are on sale, so if you want every game ever made by a specific company, now is a good time to feel your willpower ebb away like your checking account soon will.


  1. Dylan

    What, no comment on Risen?

    One of you guys has played (PC) Risen, right? I’ve heard nothing but good things from Trusted Sources.

    • Chris Sommer

      I haven’t myself, and I didn’t see any writing by us about it to link.

      Though I do see some praise for it wherever I go.