October Omnitopic Roundup: DLC

Hello friends! Another month concluded, this month with a massive snowstorm that wiped out a week of Western Massachusetts time and left me sitting cold and alone in my room, pondering my fate as a human being. Would I freeze to death? Would I die before I could buy the new DLC for Super Awesome New Mega Game?

No. No I wouldn’t. But I would miss the chance to highlight the posts that fell under this (last) month’s omnitopic: DLC. I also missed the chance to announce next (this) month’s topic, but I’m behind, okay? To me it feels like last Friday right now.

-Our first post came from Dylan, who lamented the holes in games due to DLC (and horse armor). He focuses on Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and reminds me I should get on playing that.

-Next up is contrary Fern, who wants everything to be DLC: multiplayer modes, single player modes, horse armor, elixirs, probably even the jump button. That’d be a swell game: see how little money you can spend to beat our game! Buy jump for twenty five cents, buy attack for fifty!

-Finally, Patrick gave us The Value of Video Games, and told us that no matter how much DLC, game discs, or manuals might cost, in the end you can’t put a price on a good game. No, that you shouldn’t put a price on a good game, and should let us name our own. I wish to move to this hypothetical land where I can buy games for how much they are worth to me. It sounds dreamy.

Thanks for reading this month, friends! We’ll see you…probably tomorrow with a newer, differenter topic!

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  1. Jakerbeef

    Buy games for how much they’re worth to me? I dunno, sounds nightmarish. I wouldn’t replace those lost hours playing FFVII for anything.

    Somehow 50 quid suddenly sounds like a fair price…glad I never sold my copy, even if I need to open and close the console to get it running now and then.