Microsoft Muses Over Target Advertising Possibilities With the Kinect

Shepard, you’ve recently been dead. Don’t you deserve the quality and distinction of the traditional Asari burial robe?

We all probably laughed at the well-written advertising jips in Mass Effect 2, but the technology to make specifically targeted advertising/marketing already exists. It might even be in your living room already. On the subject of compiling data on Xbox Live customers, Dennis Durkin, Microsoft’s corporate vice president, posed the following (and make note, this is all hypothetical and not actually happening…but it’s still interesting to think about),

Kinect actually brings a really interesting opportunity as it relates to (customer data), because obviously with Kinect when you stand in front of it, it has face recognition, voice recognition. We can cater what content gets presented to you based on who you are. So your wife, in the future, may get a different set of content choices than you because we have a smart device that knows that your preferences are different than hers.

And over time, that will help us be more targeted about what content choices we present. What advertising we present. How we get better feedback and data. About how many people are in a room when an advertisement is shown. How many people are in a room when a game is being played.

The rest of the quote can be found here, if you’re interested.