Bad Co 2: Vietnam's Achievement List

The Battlefield blog has released a list detailing most of the achievements, reproduced below, which are contained in the upcoming expansion to Bad Company 2. Of particular note are ‘would you kindly STFU’ and ‘balls of fire,’ definitely. Note that there is one achievement missing here, since there’s a secret achievement. Wonder what it’ll be?

Achievement List

Can I Go Home Now?

Achieve a team victory on all Vietnam levels

Every Gun has a Silver Lining

Get silver stars on all primary Vietnam weapons
(Veteran weapons not included)

Ecstasy of Gold


Get gold stars on all primary Vietnam weapons
(Veteran weapons not included)

Doing the Rounds


Get a kill with all Vietnam vehicles

Cantankerous Chauffeur


Get 100 kills with Vietnam tanks

Ride of the Valkyrie


Get 50 kills with the helicopter

Would you Kindly STFU?


Destroy a Hannoi Hannah propaganda speaker

Great Balls of Fire


Get 20 kills with the flamethrower

Just Because I Can


Finish 1st on the scoreboard on any Vietnam level

If you haven’t been hyped over Bad Company 2 lately, methinks it’s time to start. Between Vietnam and the newly announced VIP map pack, I see myself playing Bad Company 2 over other FPS juggernauts.