Marketing campaign over: Taliban out of Medal of Honor

New contributor Brice followed by an S. commented on the same phenomenon in GT5 yesterday, but today the whole advertising features destined never to be in the game solely for publicity phenomenon got a new confirmed member when EA removed the Taliban from the upcoming Medal of Honor.

Raise your hand if you’re surprised. No, we don’t have any chips. Stop raising your hand, please, WE DON’T HAVE ANY.

Let’s flash back to the history of this development decision. In March, no one gave half a shit about the Medal of Honor reboot except really hardcore BF:BC2 players. Who are the core audience of any DICE shooter. This is a good audience, but not quite Call of Duty size. EA thought, “How do we get more people to play our game?”

“Let’s put the Taliban in!” someone said. Everyone looked at him funny, like he had sprouted wings that were desperately trying to detach his head from his body. “No, not permanently. We put them in the public beta. People play as the Taliban. Crisis reaches fever pitch, we get on Fox News, all the conservative gun nuts see it, think, ‘We buy this game to shoots us some terr’ists’, and get Battlefield to play the beta. Before release, we cut them from the actual game, so no one actually boycotts the game.” Everyone realizes this man is a genius and gives him a medal. Perhaps of honor. I don’t know, I wasn’t there.

So bravo, EA. You set gaming as an art form back about a year and got people to care about your shitty, derivative military shooter (derivative in that it is BF:BC2 but “realistic”). Good job. I’ve got a suggestion for your next step, too: rename the game after a barely related piece of literature. Seriously. Look how many people cared about Dante’s Inferno who wouldn’t have cared about Walkabout in Hell!


  1. LOL, not a bit cynical are you? 🙂

    So who are the baddies now?

    • Tom

      The “Opposition Force”. Who are…probably Russians or something. Because Russians don’t have feelings.

      I mean, what I don’t understand is, “we” object to playing as the Taliban and killing Americans, but we do not object to playing as the nameless “Opposition Force” and killing Americans? They’re the same thing. I guess the objectors would prefer us to fight a nameless, faceless entity they can place other faces on (the liberals! the jews! the a-rabs!) and not a specific enemy whose defeat would entail peace.

      (/cutting social commentary)

  2. Kevin

    The early builds of the Desert Combat mod for Battlefield included suicide bomber as a playable character type.

    • Tom

      Then again, the best weapon in 1942 against tanks was driving a jeep into the back of them. Improvised suicide bombing away!

  3. I aspire to have the ability to grow a beard like that one day. No matter how disgusting Patricia finds it.

  4. First came GoldenEye 2 007 Rogue Agent.
    Then there was the issue with Godfather II’s brass knuckles.
    After that came the whole Dante’s Inferno fiasco.

    And now nobody saw THIS coming? Frankly, I was first incline to call the EA’s entire marketing department as a bag full of douches, but more and more I think gamers and game journalists are the ones whose brains got wings and flew away a long time ago.

    But hey, it’s just a game.