Do You Know Your Bioware History?

I don’t. I think that makes me a phony of some sort, considering the uneven coverage of Bioware here at Nightmare Mode, but you know what? Fuck you Holden Caulfield. I’m learning my history right now. And you can, too!

There are probably a lot of things you don’t know about Bioware. For example, not only was it founded by three doctors…its first title was a non-RPG about giant mechs? Hey, there’s even some snazzy infomercial music, too. Watch, below:

Wait, there’s more! That’s just part one…there’s a part two, a part three, and a part four.

It’s also interesting to note how hardcore Bioware seemed to be in the past about its RPGs. Nowadays, fans can’t seem to agree about whether or not they consider certain newer Bioware games to be RPGs at all, or rather other genres with RPG elements. Regardless of what you think, looking at their history, it’s pretty clear that they are no longer quite as hardcore about it as they used to be: but then again, with the exception of The Old Republic, they’re not really developing primarily for PC anymore. Maybe that doesn’t mean anything, but it’s interesting to think about.

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  1. Tom

    Fun facts about Baldur’s Gate:
    1.) the footage they use in the beginning is a bard soloing the final boss.
    2.) “A mage’s apprentice seeking revenge for the death of his master” is nowhere near the plot of the game, and is Baldur’s Gate’s greatest weakness. Not the plot, but the setup.