Catherine with a K is his girlfriend

My favorite author is Haruki Murakami, the preeminent voice in Japanese literary fiction. He writes books that are half real, half imaginary; the main character might be a normal guy from Kyoto, but he runs into some very abnormal things. Like talking sheep or goblins living underneath Tokyo, or an alternate dimension where unicorns suffer for the good of humanity.

This is relevant because I get a very strong Murakami vibe from Catherine, Atlus’ upcoming game for actual HD consoles. A man lives a normal life in Tokyo, has a girlfriend, is living a normal existence, when he meets a strange, oversexed blonde haired lady with the same name as his girlfriend. And then starts having nightmares where he has horns and is chased by a lady with scissors and sheep. This sounds like the plot of a Haruki Murakami book made into a video game. Which sounds like the best thing ever. Considering America’s obsession with space marines, this looks like Japan’s chance to come through and deliver a thoughtful, mature game centered on adults instead of plucky youths.

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  1. That’s a really interesting comparison … I pretty much adore Murakami too but didn’t make the connection. Maybe because this is typically just batshit insane to the highest degree, not so much the quiet subtlety that I love his books so much for. But I like the idea.

    I guess it’s poor form to judge something from just a trailer where it’s going to include the more dramatic and action sequences. And they’ve certainly done it before, the Persona games have that great Murakami-esque contrast between the routine of everyday life and the weird stuff that’s going down elsewhere.

    Mostly I’m just excited to see a game of that ilk with some more grown up (well, at least in years) characters and what that might bring along, but you’ve boosted my interest another notch just by making the comparison … I really hope that holds up, can’t wait.