Your new Pokemon

Lost in the bustle of Tokyo Games Show has been Pokemon Black and White nearing release in Japan. Oh, well, we didn’t forget. And neither did Serebii, who have all the Pokemon in the new game available in list form. With pictures, typings, and occasional stats. And you know you’re curious.

Some quick notes, because I’m sleepy. First, there’s twelve legendaries. TWELVE. Sure, they might not all be legendaries, but they’re mostly after the cover Pokemon in number, so I’m assuming they’re Pokemon. Second, there are a *lot* of three evolution Pokemon, by my count. This is not a scientific conclusion, but there are a lot of Pokemon that seem like they could be viable in the end game, which is pretty fantastic.

And the typings! Oh lord the typings. We have in new types: psychic/fire, psychic/flying, ground/dark, dark/fight, normal/grass, electric/flying, bug/steel, water/ghost (yes!), bug/electric, grass/steel, ghost/fire (yes!!), electric/ground, ground/ghost (fucker is a champ!), dark/steel, dark/dragon (fuck yeah!), and bug/fire. And in old but awesome types, we have new ground/steel, water/rock, rock/flying, water/flying (possibly the most adorable Pokemon ever, by the way), and dark/flying. Oh, and the legendaries are all batshit random types like dragon/ice.

Also, #614? Three penis bear. THREE PENIS BEAR!

What I’m trying to say is I like the little guys. I’m pumped. Pokemon’s one of the few series I’m excited for, and I can’t wait for this one.