What does MS Think About Mass Effect 2 Porting to PS3?

When a flagship franchise jumps the boat, you’d better bet that Microsoft has something to say about it.

“The original Mass Effect is absolutely an Xbox 360 exclusive, making Xbox 360 the only place to get the full Mass Effect experience,”, said a  representative to IGN. Moreover, “With both Mass Effect titles launching first on Xbox 360 combined with the wealth of available paid downloadable content on Xbox Live today, Xbox 360 remains the best place to experience the Mass Effect franchise.”

So, fans hoping that the first title will also make its way to the PS3–sorry to burst your bubble, ’cause Microsoft says that ain’t happening. It should be noted, however, that Bioware has stated, that no matter what system you play Dragon Age 2 on, your choices from 1 will port over. This means they must have some sort of cloud which can hold that information, probably on the Bioware network: can we expect the same treatment for the PS3 version of Mass Effect? They have the technology to make it happen! Such a feature would allow PS3 players to get a better Mass Effect experience–then again, such a feature would also erase the one up that Microsoft has on the franchise.

What remains to be seen, however, is wether or not the representative means that the DLC that the 360 has is also exclusive? Or is this a ‘timed exclusive’ deal? Hell, will the Cerberus Network even make its way onto PSN?

We’ll know soon enough!


  1. Tom

    By the Xbox 360 being the proper platform to play Mass Effect 2 on, they mean the PC. Of course they do. 😛

  2. ij

    “The original Mass Effect is absolutely an Xbox 360 exclusive” So wrong, its on the PC too.

    • The PC can still be considered a MS platform, though, so…