Nintendo's retro platformers dated

Wonder when you’re going to get to play Kirby’s Epic Yarn and Donkey Kong Country Returns? So did I. As recently as last night, in fact, when I was trying to pick out which games I would deign to spend my money on this holiday season.

Well, wonder no more, gentle reader! Kirby’s Epic Yarn is officially dated for October 17th, and Donkey Kong Country Returns is set for release November 21st. Fun times all around. And if you’re looking for another interesting title, Final Fantasy: 4 Warriors of Light comes out October 5th, and both Super Meat Boy and BIT.TRIP.FATE. are confirmed for this holiday season. Don’t know what the last one is? It’s the newest offering from Gaijin Games, who have made many similarly titled, awesome games. Well, BIT.TRIP.BEAT was awesome. I played that one, don’t’cha know?

Stay tuned in the next few weeks for some sort of comprehensive list of games being released this fall. A useful public service, is what we call it.

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  1. Ali

    So excited for the new Kirby. <3