Dragon Age 2 Destiny Trailer and Screenshots

In all its CGI goodness, completely reflective of what you’re going to be playing this March. Just to make myself clear here, that was total sarcasm. Anyway, check the trailer out here, or you can stay put and watch the new youtube version:

Either way, you’re gonna watch Hawke nearly get his ass kicked by a horned Qunari, newly redesigned, as we know, pictured below.

We also hear what I assume to be Flemeth narrating, “there are men who struggle against destiny, only to have it swallow them whole.” Destiny, in a choice-driven game? Why, yes, dear: you’re destined to become the Champion of Kirkwall no matter what you do. The real question is, how did this happen? The eventual outcome is unavoidable, but it’s the smaller details which we will have control over.

As cool as that trailer might’ve been, I’m not sure it’s totally worth hyping over given that the game doesn’t really look like that…at all. Still, it’s valuable on a conceptual level: we see the attack that is pictured in this concept art, for example, not to mention a taste of what they mean when they say they want to shoot adrenaline into the Dragon Age veins. That’s fighting like a spartan, alright.


  1. Graham

    Yes, that is Captain Janeway speaking.

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  4. The longer I’m a video game fan, the less I understand the worth of these CGI trailers. Granted, Bioware is talking a really good game about making combat more immediate–but that’s something you would have thought from the FIRST game’s trailers. . . .

    I can only imagine the disappointment of a gamer who might have bought the game based solely on the action-packed trailers, only to see his/her first “Moving into range”. Not to mention the shapeshifting is NOT immediate, as it was portrayed in the trailers (among many, many inconsistencies).

    It’s only until I see ACTUAL gameplay footage, even if it’s mixed with pre-rendered cutscenes that I become interested. Which means the CGI is a total waste of resources.

    That said, I think the recent Medal of Honor “Catalyst” trailer was a really interesting piece of video–because it used live-action film spliced together with in-game footage, often so seamless that I wondered which was the film and which was the game. Check it out on YouTube if you haven’t seen it.

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