Braid movement piece is awesome, confusing

You know, I went to an art type school, but dance always confounded me. I don’t understand it. There’s just something about it my brain refuses to comprehend. Like, these people are moving, and it’s supposed to be artistic, but I just…what are they doing?

Following a corollary of the old adage that all good things must become other good things, someone decided that Braid the video game wasn’t quite good enough, and decided to make Braid the performance piece. And no, I don’t mean Soulja Boy or some dude under Tim Rogers’ employ, I mean honest to goodness dance people, dancing the plot of the game.

Apparently we are all sons of bitches.


  1. Brendan

    Thankfully I have no ability as an aesthete, and am crippled in all forms of criticism, so I like this before watching it.

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