Dragon Age: Golems of Amgarrak DLC

Is it challenging? Bioware says it was made for the experienced player.

I finished Golems of Amgarrak up on Wednesday night. It is an easy 90 minute adventure. How easy? Well, any veteran Dragon Age player might be disappointed. Here’s a sample.

Despite my conclusions and findings in that short clip, the final boss is very, VERY difficult. So it would seem the game is unbalanced, an easy adventure and an insanely hard boss. It’s one of those bosses that are so hard and cheap you have to be lucky to win. I have the feeling a lot of veterans will be turning down the difficulty at the end. I was able to defeat the final boss after over an hour of trying, and only with enough curse words to make my mother shove a bar of soap down my throat.

Come back tomorrow for my final thoughts.