Fallout: New Vegas digs at JRPGs

Bethesda’s apparently been drinking the same Kool Aid that Bioware’s having, and decided that the best way to market Fallout: New Vegas in Japan was not to actually, you know, show off the product (possibly a good decision, considering how the game looks!), but instead to slag Japanese games. That’ll show those squinty eyed bastards! They can’t even make games as good as them big ol’ Westerners. What jerks!

Yes, people with signs referring to how much they hate JRPGs passes as a marketing campaign nowadays; someone must have dipped into the political advertising talent pool. For reference, their signs read things like:
“A game where you just follow the scenario is like living life on rails.”
(startlingly similar to main thematic element of Final Fantasy VII, in fact.)

“What’s the point of playing again if there’s no change to the story?”
(ignoring the fact that the story is pretty much the same in Fallout 3 no matter what choices you make, and none of your choices have any consequences whatsoever.)

“When did games become something that you watch?”
(When western production values met the Japanese field of video games.)

Advertising campaigns have gotten so clever. Really, they’re always a source of comedy.