Fat Princess Credits & DLC Thoughts

Today, I indulged myself with Fat Princess–courtesy of the PSN ‘summer sale,’ which priced the game at a delectable 7 dollars. Who can pass up a deal like that? Certainly not me.

It’s insane to think that right now, I’m looking forward to just as many downloadable titles as I am disc-based content. Before this, there was Limbo, and Blacklight. Looking forward there’s still Monday Night Combat, Shank, Scott Pilgrim, Super Meat Boy, Closure, Journey, Street Fighter III 3rd Strike online…and these are just the ones that come to mind. This isn’t something I would have been able to predict a year ago.

I’m probably in the minority but, I don’t mind having no physical representation of my games anymore. It’s nice to not have to worry about disc scratching, boxes, where to put things. With how much I travel between school and home, honestly, it’s a godsend–I’ve come to hate air travel precisely because it forces me to carry around so much. So, having everything saved to my hard drive is fantastic. No having to wade through dozens upon dozens of discs or boxes to find that one game I’m looking for, either. And, if something is worth owning, it’s probably the Collector’s Edition–which I’m not buying because I get a CD inasmuch as buying for craftsmanship exclusive to the CE, as well as extra trinkets. Lastly, I’m not the type of person to showcase my titles on a shelf, either–it’s too prideful for the wrong reasons for my taste.

And to think I was such a big advocate for discs not that long ago…

Anyway, I’ve been having a grand time with Fat Princess so far–the only reason I’m not playing right now only because my controller ran out of batteries, so I have to charge it. Prior to that, though, I came across the credits in the menu under ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’ , which you can watch here:

Call me easily amused, but I think that Fat Princess has most clever credits I’ve ever seen. You become death itself, like you do when you win a round online, and you get to kill the avatars of the developers! Favorite part: getting to chop CliffyB’s head off with my scythe. And the only reason I noticed he’s credited at all is because the credits had such a great framework–usually, I’m the type of person that tunes out for that type of stuff. Who wants to read a never-ending list of names for five minutes?

So far, my 7 dollar purchase has been worth it.