Qunari Redesign for Dragon Age 2

As per usual, Game Informer has the scoop on the latest Dragon Age info. We met but a singular Qunari in Origins, but it turns out that Qunari come in more demonic, muscular varieties–as you might have guessed based on the picture above.

Why hadn’t we seen or heard about these devilish creatures before? Not all qunari have horns, says David Gaider, lead Dragon Age writer. Some are born without them, but it has never been considered a defect. Instead the mark is considered special, indicating one who is clearly meant for a special role in their society—as a Ben-Hassrath who enforces religious law or as an envoy to other races. It is also not uncommon for qunari who abandon their beliefs to remove their own horns, for reasons not yet clear.

Moreover, Art wanted to create more space between the races so we changed the way the qunari looked, says Matt Goldman, senior artist at Bioware . We have also changed the way elves and dwarves look for that matter, but qunari seem the most dramatic because you only ever saw Sten in Dragon Age: Origins.

Of course, what we see above is just concept art. If you’re interested in the 3D rendered version, look here:

Are they going to hit us with a “bombshell” that Qunaris are actually descendants of beings/demons of the fade? As it stands right now, the horned Qunari look sort of like Desire Demons.


  1. I’ve heard mention of DA2 but I really didn’t know if it was true or not. I had to go google that! Something else to look forward to. I really loved the first.

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  4. i

    Looks sexy 🙂

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  6. J Ilic

    Considering sten mentioning in origins that mages in Qunari culture mages are looked down upon, it wouldnt make sense for them to be decended from creatures of the fade. This new look does look cool, I just sten is back in dragon age 2 he was a cool character

  7. wthiswrong

    I am not liking how Dragon Age 2 is turning out, this being one of the reasons.