Blacklight Tango Down Charm/Tag Stat Attribute Sheet Plus Map Layouts

First, we gave you the unlock codes for all the extra tags hidden in Blacklight Tango Down. Now, we’re going one step further by taking the guesswork out of the armory. No more wondering what the difference between this one tag and this other tag is. We’ve got you covered with this nifty PDF which details every tag and its related stats/attributes.

As some of you might have suspected, the tags affect things you cannot see in the armory menu–like melee speed, weapon switch speed and HRV visor duration (though these are not all!). Make sure to take a look at the sheet to make sure you’re upping the stats you want to!

Download the Charm/Tag Stat Attribute Sheet

And, just in case you’re having trouble on the maps? Xbox Hornet has pictures of all the map layouts for your viewing pleasure.