Watch Gears of War 3's Beast Mode in Action

Honestly, I have no idea how I missed this clip during E3.

Things of note:

  • You see a new weapon in action. It shoots something underground, and this travels a short distance, and then explodes. This explosion can kill multiple enemies. Then again, can you name any special weapon in Gears which isn’t OP in the right hands? I can see this new weapon absolutely destroying in King of the Hill–you can bet that it will become the weapon of choice for that mode.
  • A new enemy type. It’s difficult to tell exactly which one, though. We do not, however, get to see it do anything special.
  • Unique powers for the locust shown…you can see the Kantus revive a downed teammate, for example.
  • The wretch is insanely capable. Like, way more capable than I ever remember it being…maybe it’s just stupid enemy AI, because all you need to do is smack it twice. Somehow, in this clip, we see wretches dominating Anya.
  • Tickers look like a crazy ride, thanks to the camera. It’s like roadie-run on CRACK.

All in all, GET HYPED. Class-based systems make pretty much anything better. It’s too bad that your enemies in beast mode can’t be helmed by actual people though.