New Scott Pilgrim Trailer is rifftastic

What does that mean? I don’t know!

What we do know is Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Movie: The Game is coming out on August 10th on Playstation Network, and a couple weeks later on Xbox Live Arcade. What else we know is that it is is River City Ransom esque beat ’em up, with kickass music from Anamanaguchi and art by Paul Robertson.

We also know what’s in this trailer, straight from Comic-Con. What new does it tell us? What strange mysteries does it unveil? Well, not a whole lot. But that’s not the point! What the point is, is that this game is going to rock your proverbial socks*, and has features like real girl kissing action and bashing, smashing, and throwing! Simultaneously!

Seriously. Some hot shit going on here. In a summer of potentially excellent downloadable titles (including…today’s Limbo), Scott Pilgrim is the one I’m most eagerly anticipating.

*If it rocks your actual socks, seek medical attention.