She Sells Sanctuary 17

Whenever I post about indie games I always feel like a bit of a bandwagon jumper because I’ve found them from innumerable other sources like Rock, Paper, Shotgun or the Indiegames blog. Sanctuary 17 is absolutely no exception; RPS and Indiegames have both posted about this (though Indiegames came first).

This is all immaterial once you play it, though. Sanctuary 17 is an 8 bit Fallout on horror steroids, an atmospheric exploration of underground tunnels populated by rats, spiders, and a few dozen odd Dalekian horrors. It’s a roguelike explorathon, featuring punishing difficulty (one hit and you die? Finite ammo that counts as “money” and how you use all your items? What is this? Metro 2033?) and fantastic lighting effects, that will test your patience in all the best ways.

Probably my favorite flash game since…well, since Coma, which was pretty recent, but you know what? That doesn’t make Sanctuary 17 any less amazing. Go play it now! Here! You won’t regret it!

It also gave me a chance to reference my favorite badass 80’s song, and that is appreciated.