Tactics Ogre PSP remake incoming

Today is apparently Strategy RPG Day, and with that we have leaked news from Famitsu that the mother of all SRPGs, Tactics Ogre, is being remade for the PSP.

Never heard of it? Well, that’s sad. Tactics Ogre, sequel to Ogre Battle, was a SNES strategy RPG, developed by Quest, and worked on by such people as Yasumi Matsuno (man behind, among other things, Final Fantasy Tactics, Vagrant Story, and the good bits of Final Fantasy XII), Hitoshi Sakimoto, and Masaharu Iwata. The remake is adding additional old school Square Enix talent to the pool, with Hiroshi Minagawa set to direct, and Akihiko Yoshida and Tsubasa Masao, character designers on Final Fantasy Tactics and Zone of the Enders, respectively, set to design the people. So I would not be misleading to say this is a star-studded remake.

Really, we have no information on this besides that it is a thing that’s happening. However, it gives me the chance to encourage you to play, in some fashion, either the SNES or PSOne version of Tactics Ogre, because it’s a truly fantastic game and it’s unlikely Final Fantasy Tactics or Disgaea or anything would exist without its success.

Source: Destructoid