New Tier 1 Interview for Medal of Honor, Hammer & Scalpel

“Within the U.S. Special Operations community is an elite group of handpicked warriors who are tasked with only the most dangerous and difficult missions. A small group of these men acted as consultants on the development of Medal of Honor, infusing the game with their experiences and contributing ideas that make it the most authentic and relevant combat experience to date. In the Tier 1 Interview Series you’ll hear their personal stories and find out what it takes to operate at the highest levels of the U.S Military.”

Quotes of interest:

“I don’t want to read about somebody else, I wanna make history”

“No telling what he had to do to get to that point, to break through that door”

“He’s risking his life, to save someone else’s life”

“I wish the public could have an understanding, of what they do, not just operationally, what they sacrifice for years and years”