New Disgaea Game Announcement Inbound?

Dengeki PlayStation Online received the mysterious postcard  pictured above from Nippon Icchi today. Following that up, Dengeki stated that we should “look forward to formal announcement.” Is this Disgaea 4?

So…what in the world is Laharl wearing? Unless that’s not Laharl. It sure as hell looks like him, though, except for the fact that he’s wearing actual clothes. And he also seems to be wearing a Simon Says on his chest. Maybe it’s Tony Stark’s heart?

Perhaps that’s an older Laharl, who has learned the many joys of wearing clothes. If so, then maybe the person behind him is an older Flonne wearing a prinny hat. I mean, that sort of looks like her, doesn’t it?

We’ll know soon enough!

One Comment

  1. Ali

    If that’s an older Laharl and an older Flonne, I’m all for it. It’d be great if Laharl actually decided to wear something more than big baggy shorts and clown shoes!