Voice Protagonist Confirms Suspicions of Less Choices in DA2? Also, Combat.

Gamebanshee has found a 2 page preview on Dragon Age from a German website, which also has two new, very terrible screenshots. Worse than the last few screenshots, by a mile, actually. Most of the stuff in the preview isn’t interesting or new, though you do learn about a couple of new characters.

Here’s the bombshell, though: “Dragon Age 2 gives the hero a voice, but restricts the choice considerably.” I was hoping that The Old Republic would be an indication of the lengths Bioware would go to provide excellent voice-acting, even when presented with a monstrous amount of dialogue, but alas. This is not the case, and it’s disappointing to hear. Part of the huge appeal of DA was exactly that: all the choices you could take. Blame the conversation wheel!

As for your brash nuts that think that Bioware is doing away with the strategy of Dragon Age, who fear they’re going to “streamline” it? The preview quotes the following from Bioware, in regards to what they mean when they say they’re making the game more responsive, [in Dragon Age] “the character shuffles cumbersome in the right position and then swing the sword. This is not acceptable. “For PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 would like the fighting but Bioware better adapt to the gamepad controller.” And, you know, he’s right. I remember playing DA, telling my character to go do something, and, while he’d do it most of the time, sometimes he’d just…shuffle and pace back and forth, like some giant idiot. So, you can put all those conspiracy theories to rest!


  1. well in biowares defense, playing a specific character means giant amounts less conversation than origins. the various races are gone, the origins are gone. I’m sure it’ll be more like mass effect.

  2. Ali

    *sigh* As excited as I am for DA2, I’m really going to miss being an elf and pulling the “you’re being a racist dick to elves, you jerk, have some fire in your face with a side of snarky commentary on your human heritage.” Also, boo, conversation wheel, boo. From what I saw in ME, it worked okay, but I like that feeling of uncertainty and the amount of brain power I use to predict conversation in Origins.