Blacklight Tango Down 2 Already In the Works

Yes, you read that right. Big Download is reporting that Zombie studios is currently working on Blacklight 2, after “strong sales” of the first 15 dollar title (even though it’s only been what, a week and a half?) He also said “there are no plans to offer any downloadable content for Blacklight, aside from bug fix updates,” which makes sense if they’re already moving on to the second title. There aren’t many known details about the title just yet, but Zombie said that the  “sequel will feature improvements from the original game, including larger maps and controllable mech-like vehicles.”

Every sequel needs more mechs, that’s just a known fact. Hopefully this time they realize, that while they do need mechs, they do not need some lame excuse for “plot” and “single player” which they gave us in the first. Just give us our cheap online multiplayer FPS, and we’ll all be happily on our way. They’re hoping they can have this title ready by summer of 2011, but you know how these things tend to go.

Our own review of the first Blacklight is currently in the works, hopefully to see the light of day this week.