The Friday Post: Subtitle

I’m too lazy for a subtitle. This week has been awfully lazy, on account of hell’s weather having moved to New England. On the plus side, it’s Friday! Which means it’s almost Saturday! Which means this horrible nightmare is slightly closer to ending!

Things were posted this week! I’ll tell you about them right now!:
-We have two new writers: Dave Silva and Jordan Clarke! Who we should welcome to the staff here. That’s what I’m doing right now. See? That happened. You were welcomed. They posted about Sonic and Red Dead Redemption (more on that later!) and I’d link to these posts but they’re right under this one!
-Patricia hates Dragon Age 2. Which has been announced. Really. It has been.
-Graham told you how to suck less at Dragon Age as a mage. As someone who has only played Dragon Age as a mage because wizards are fucking awesome, he’s right! Though I am a stronger proponent of force field than he is.
-I’d link you to my feature of the week, but you have to kill a hundred gnolls first. Then take their teeth, grind them into a fine powder, and snort it. I’m sorry. It’s how it has to be.
-Good Old Games (actually a retail site!) has
a retrospective of King’s Quest III and IV up. Those were good games, from my childhood, you know. Also, GOG is a fine place and you should buy things from them. Like, perhaps, Arcanum: Really Fallout 1859 Edition.
-io9 (recognizable immediately as part of the Kotaku/Gizmodo network) posted a cool bit relating to violence in video games and unacceptable fantasies. It’s pretty neat. I’m not enthusiastic about it, but you know.
-Experience Points, who you might be able to tell I think are fantastic by now, offered a meditation on Zelda. I appreciate it, since it talks about the animated series a lot. And Zelda fans hate remembering that abortion.
-I don’t have a major connection to this post on The Brainy Gamer about Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes, which I want to play but haven’t. However, I have read the words “Pretty Sneaky, Sis” at least once a day for the past four days, which is how life should be.
Kotaku’s got some writing on Red Dead Redemption, courtesy of some out of shop contributors (Brendan Caldwell, of Resolution Magazine). Can never read too much about RDR, which has become one of the most talked about games of the year.
-John Walker’s continuation of his do’s and don’ts offers some nice things for game developers to think about. It’s one of those series I wished I’d thought of doing.
-The fantastic header image, by the way, comes from this deviantart gallery (person named Leashe) who has drawn realistic pokemon. Yes, I found it on Kotaku, but I’d rather link to the actual blog so she gets like, five more hits. Also Sandshrew: the best Pokemon.

Have a good weekend! If you’re on the east coast, I’m sorry about the weather. I’ll try to do better next week.