Fallout: New Vegas Preview Reveals New Details

Duck and Cover has the scoop on the latest PC Powerplay, which previews Fallout: New Vegas this month. Things we learn about New Vegas include:

  • Existence of a  ‘wild wasteland’ trait, which unlocks wackier variants of existing content.
  • New Vegas is a fortress.
  • Sidequests may be more rewarding than the main quest, as the main quest is only 20% of the main game.
  • Epic moments, like Liberty Primes trip through DC, will be more abundant in the main storyline.
  • Like previous games, there will be unique dialog for low intelligence characters.
  • Inclusion of a survival skill, for cooking at a campfire–a skill that sounds a bit useless unless you’re playing hardcore
  • Some areas may have vegetation..wonder if it’ll be anything crazy like Oasis?

This, coupled with the knowledge that skills outside of speech will alter what you can say in a conversation, are starting to convince me that Obsidian might just be able to pull it off this time.