Uncharted, inFamous Not Possible On the 360

So says Chris Zimmerman, the development director from Sucker Punch. If you look at games like Uncharted 2 that’s a game that you actually can’t do on Xbox no matter how clever you are, there’s just more processing power on the PS3, he says. inFamous 2 is going to be the same way. You’ll look at it and see that there’s no way we could have done this game on 360.”

While the notion that the 360 has less processing power than the PS3 is just sheer, undebatable fact, taking a look at this recently released gameplay video makes me question whether or not inFamous could be made on the 360, too:

Does it look awesome? Yes. But it doesn’t look like anything that wouldn’t be equally as possible on the 360. So, chalk one up for ‘total BS.’ As for Uncharted 2–I remember booting the game up for the first time and instantly thinking about how the 360 couldn’t produce something like it. And hey, maybe we’re both completely wrong. So, then, someone should make a game that looks as good (if not better!) than Uncharted 2 on the 360. Something that validates your purchase of that HDTV, in its sheer, visual glory. Then, we can talk.