Blacklight Tango Down Wants You To Be Unique On the Battlefield

Who wants to play Modern Warfare when they can get a taste of Future Warfare? Introducing Blacklight Tango Down, a downloadable FPS title by Zombie Studios which drops on July 7th on both XBL and PSN. It promises the depth and complexity of a 60 dollar title, for just a measly $15 bucks. See the game in action for yourself, here. In that video, you can see the ‘feel’ that Blacklight is trying to go for: futuristic, but grounded in reality. SciFi-ish, but no rayguns or Tesla tech.

A recent developer diary reveals that Blacklight is aiming high with its customization options.

There are a myriad of weapon interchangeable components, which they say are mostly tactical in nature–like sights and magazines. You can, however, unlock more presets, and this eventually enables you to build your own unique weapons. There are 6 core primary weapons times 30 different items, making the combinations on par, if not exceeding, that which Borderlands offers.

It goes beyond simple interchangeable components, though. Blacklight wants you to feel some sort of attachment to your personal guns, and so they’re also including a variety of charms, perks and attributes. Yes, you read that right: charms. Like, you know, cell-phone charms. These things:

Except…for guns. Also, they’re probably not going to be hearts. Each charm has some sort of perk or attribute associated with it, though, so they’re not entirely just for show. There are 25 different attributes to change accuracies, spread, speed, amongst other things. This inclusion was critical, they suggest, because “Weapons are  key component for identity…if someone else picks it up, they’re gonna know  ‘its George, Tom’.” I’m still trying to put together the idea that my gun can have a cute little keychain on it…in the future, warfare is tres chic, obviously.

‘The future of warfare is just around the corner’