Rumor Monger: New Map Packs for Battlefield Bad Company 2 Revealed, Pictures?

The EA forums are bustling with the leak of what may be DICE’s upcoming VIP Map Packs–since, as you may have noticed, there are still a couple of DLC packs denoted on the Battlefield Store. The alledged release(s) will include:

  • Conquest on Port Valdez
  • Conquest on Nelson Bay, during the day
  • Rush on Atacama Desert
  • Rush on White Pass

There are a variety of pictures to accompany this rumor, which you can find here. Now, we don’t quite know if this is legit or not. Those pictures could have been shopped, right? But, does it really seem that outlandish? I think it’s clear, with the upcoming release of both Medal of Honor and Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam, that DICE is probably not spending any time trying to make original maps for us. And if there’s still a couple of DLC packs to be released for the VIP club…there’s a very high chance that we might see at least a few of these, if not all.

More on this as information surfaces.


  1. It’s new “map modes” ! Hard not to be cynical about EA and DICE these days. 🙁

    • Yes but they’re being released in map packs, so. 😛

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