Richard Ham on Brink's Customization, Other Info

inBrink has a new interview with Richard Ham, the creative director behind Brink, which you can read in full here. But, if you’re just interested in the details, fear not, brave traveller of the internet! We braved the wilds and cheated death itself, all in the name of bringing details to you. And that, my friends, is what I call love.

There will be 24 different guns in the game, including “pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, heavy machine guns, and grenade launchers.” These guns are available to both the Resistance and Security, but they will have cosmetic changes denoting which side you are on. “For Security, the guns are pristine, in perfect condition, shiny, new and beautiful. When you’re playing as Resistance, it’s covered with cool graffiti and awash with colour.” Which is to say, if you’re affiliated with Raven over at MAG, like I was, then you’ll probably want to play as Security because then you’ll have all the pretty guns. Aside from this, we already know that the guns have a variety of different attachments that you can unlock, including “scopes, muzzles brakes, and extended magazines.”

Like Medal of Honor, the focus is on “intense, in-your-face infantry combat,” so there will be no vehicles for you to commandeer (unlike Medal of Honor).

Brink will also allow players to approach the game in any order they want. Richard says that “when you buy it, we’re not going to try to stop you from turning to the last page and seeing how the story ends. We’ll present it to you in the proper order, but if you want to skip a chapter, or play in any order you like, go right ahead. Our story is written such that you can jump in at any point and understand what you need to know.” Lack of linearity in a shooter? By Jove, the world’s gone mad! Of course, all of this makes sense: you can’t make the story and the online component exactly the same unless you’re going to allow players who are at completely different stages in the story, to play together anyway. This explains why Ham says that if you lose while playing online “you’ll just move on to the next map in the rotation – much like you’d expect from any other multiplayer game.”

Stay tuned as we bring you more details about Brink!