RAGE is Detailed

And we’re talking details quite literally here. Gamefocus has a preview on Rage, which reveals some new info regarding the high level of detail and care put into creating its post-apocalyptic world. Everything you see in the game? It’s been placed there with a purpose, down to the last patch of grass. Moreover, as you know, Rage has no repeated assets–everything has been handcrafted individually by the artists over at id. Even enemies manage to be distinct, “each bandit tribe moved and attacked differently from one another.” And, since it’s a shooter, and in a shooter, you shoot things, the preview mentioned that immense care has been devoted to the details in that interaction, too. Body parts will react accordingly when you’ve shot them, each one having a distinct reaction/animation depending on where you’ve shot your enemy. All small details, but if Uncharted is anything to go by, all the care and thought put into visually designing the surroundings makes immersion easier to occur, not to mention sheer awe and wonder.