Prepare for the Onslaught With This Launch Trailer

….but not if you’re a 360 owner, because Onslaught, the 4 player co-op mode for Battlefield Bad Company 2 that drops today, has been delayed. So don’t get too excited watching that launch trailer, because this is DICE breaking your heart pt II. Yes, I’m talking about Medal of Honor here…hopefully that gets sorted out sooner rather than later, too.

Anyway, the DLC is available for PSN owners who happen to have 10 bucks in disposable income. And if you’re unsure as to whether or not this mode is worth your ten bucks, rest assured that I will be writing a review on it the second that it releases on the 360. The mode comes with its own leaderboards as well as new trophies and achievements, for those achievement whores among us.


  1. Boohoo, have to wait until tomorrow when it’s released in Europe. I wonder about the rest of the world as that’s not mentioned in their post at all!

    I’ll probably buy it on PS3, that’s where most of the people I play with are. We have yet to squad up in BC2 itself for a game! Timezones make it hard to arrange things don’t they?

    • We have to set a date and time, I think. 😛

      I was on for a good 5 hours yesterday, but it was during the evening. I was playing terrible at first, because I hadn’t played in a while, but then it all started clicking. Assault+ Shotty and C4 does wonders for getting rid of objectives quickly