Have a question for JE Sawyer, Lead Designer on New Vegas?

Well, why not ask him? JE has been pretty active over at Formspring, having answered 227 questions about all sorts of things. The catch? “Ask me anything unless it has something to do with Fallout (any of them) or Bethesda.” Of course, that hasn’t stopped people from getting him to talk about those things, they’ve just veiled their questions wittily. Or maybe you’re just interested in what his favorite food is, hell, I don’t know.

Ever since the internet decided that the RPG genre only applies to Bioware/Bethesda games, people like JE Sawyer have been inundated with questions regarding their thoughts on the subject. So a good deal of the questions he’s answered have been on the definition/attributes of the RPG…hopefully you can think of something more interesting than that, since I doubt he’ll want to keep answering a bunch of questions on the same subject.