New Alan Wake 'The Signal' DLC Screenshots Raise Questions

That’s…Thomas Zane’s suit. You know, the sort of inexplicable thing that Zane is wearing during Alan Wake, as if a magical/supernatural being living in the darkness needs a suit to survive. Funny, he’s probably not even alive. But once again it all makes sense because dearest Alan wrote it that way, so shut your whore mouth. Still, I wonder what this means? Are we perhaps venturing into Zane’s home? Does this mean the DLC will actually be plot-driven, and we’ll learn things as if this was just another chapter after the game’s ending? Or could this just be an easter egg of some sorts? And whats going on with that eye?


You can see the other screenshots in full here.


  1. Oh my! That is the first screenshot I’ve seen and I do agree, it raises some questions. I do know that the developers said that the DLC will continue the story and bridge the gap between this game and the next, IF sales and what not look good.

    About that eye…..I’m just gonna take a wild guess and say that Alan is still in that room and this is just another story or something. : I think his escape from it all would be in a game rather than DLC…but then again I could be wrong.

    • Huh. Yeah, now that I think about it, this could just as easily be the house he’s trapped in. Then again, i’m assuming he escapes if only because he’s hanging out with Barry in one of those screenshots. Then again, shadow alan might have just created a shadow barry or something. Who knows!

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  2. Fernando Cordeiro

    Or was it Thomas Zane that wrote Alan Wake? :O

    This is more likely Alan’s apartment (I doubt Zane had such a big TV).

    According to Thomas poems that Alan incorporated into his story, he jumped into the lake while in that diving suit. Because there was no picture available of him, that must be the way Alan imagined him.

    Btw, is this the DLC that is free? I couldn’t find any coupons with my copy often game…

    • It’s supposedly free to people who purchased the game new. My game came with something in it that had a code on it…you might want to check back on your game case, just to make sure you didn’t miss it. Otherwise it costs 7 bucks.

      Oh, no, i know about that, I just find it funny that Alan pictures him like that no matter what–when the suit is clearly not needed. and i doubt zane would do something so silly to himself! 😛

      • Fernando Cordeiro

        Shit… there was nothing of the sort inside mine…
        Damn you, MS Brazil!