Child of Eden the Game Microsoft Needs to Pimp Kinect

They need it because this is the real deal. This is the good shit. Black gold. Texas tea. Iraqi milk. Child of Eden is summed up best as the sequel to Rez. Hey, that’s the guy who’s heading production of it!

Don’t know what Rez is? Go to Xbox Live Arcade right now and buy it. It’ll be the best money you ever spend on a video game. Sure, it’s a rail shooter, but it is everything a rail shooter should be. Beautiful, accompanied by techno, and with a hell of a lot of replay value and unlockables. And if this is half as good, we’ll have to bite the proverbial bullet on Kinect or the Move (as it’s being articled).

There’s no relation to oil, besides that the Gulf oil spill is bad, and this game looks to be literally the opposite of bad. Good, even. Let’s go with good.

Ninja edit: This led off the Ubisoft conference. Holy shit. HOLY SHIT.