Medal of Honor Beta Drops June 21st; Gun Club Announced

That’s right, folks, you too can get your hands on the frantic mayhem that is the Medal of Honor reboot in just a couple of weeks, when the Beta drops. Chances are, you’ll have to join the newly announced ‘Gun Club’ in order to participate, and those that join will be able to get in on the beta earlier than everyone else. EA also announced that people who have BFBC2 will be able to receive some bonuses if they also preorder Medal Of Honor–one of which we know to be early access to the M24 gun. The Gun Club promises many benefits for its members–from demos, to early access to who knows what else. Its an incentive/benefits program which frankly sounds pretty neat. You can join the Gun Club here, though be forewarned that right now the site is probably getting flooded by hits. Personally, I can’t wait to see what DICE has up its sleeve for the reboot!

Stay tuned!