Medal of Honor Hands On

The King of All Cosmos, IGN, once again delivers, and his grace is plentiful–here are his hands-on impressions of EA’s upcoming game, Medal of Honor. But you don’t have to venture all the way over there! We’ll let you know all the juicy tidbits.

IGN has some strong words of hype, I gotta say. They go so far as to state that “If the full game is as good as the E3 demo, then this may just be the multiplayer game of the year.” I know a good deal of you guys have seen Medal of Honor in action, and think, hey, how is this any different from Modern Warfare or even Battlefield Bad. Co 2? Well, IGN says that it actually is different–that it combines the best of both the aforementioned titles, and is in fact distinctive in its own way. Unlike Battlefield, the focus is on ground-based infantry. This makes battles more intense and brutal than ever before thanks to what DICE calls “faster bullets” and no health packs. You’re going to die often, is the gist of it.

You start off as a US Army Ranger, but you can later become a Tier 1 operator. Doing so will enable you to mods for your weapons, of which there are apparently hundreds of combinations. IGN hints that there will be way more guns in this game than most FPS feature, which may be useful in expanding the game’s lifespan: I love trying out new guns in BF and, subsequentially, tactics to go along with those guns.

Like BF, there will be experience earned for both kills and completing objectives depending on the game mode. However, the focus will not be on vehicle-based warfare. You will, however, be able to hop into old favorites like my dear old Bradley. Like Modern Warfare, there will be ‘Tactical Support Actions,’ DICE’s take on Killstreak Rewards. However, these rewards can be either offensive or defensive–you can buff your teammate’s health, or you can call in a mortar strike, to give an example. The choice is yours. Another detail is that there is no killcam–which many people hate in BF, but we must also remind ourselves that such an exclusion may or may not promote more camping. And we all hate those bushwookies of yore!

Stay tuned for more details on Medal of Honor!