3DS: As Powerful as the 360, PS3?

IGN has an article about Nintendo’s upcoming 3DS, and there’s something of a bombshell in it. We knew that it was likely for the 3DS to surpass the visuals of the DS–there’s no reason not to, with the IPad’s superior capabilities and even the PSP itself having a better graphical output. But think about it: in order to have 3D, that means that “the system must have the ability to render each game field twice, one for each of the player’s eyes, a technique that will require significant horsepower to produce.” Off the record, developers have mused that the 3DS “has processing capabilities that far exceed the Nintendo Wii and bring the device with abilities that are close to HD consoles such as PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.”

As awesome as that might be for the 3DS, I also consider it to be ridiculous. Nintendo is going to release a handheld which is more powerful than its own console?


Well, all will be revealed during E3.


  1. I wouldn’t go so far as that but Moore’s Law means even a hand held machine now gets more bang per buck than a machine designed in 5 or 6 years ago. Besides, the 3DS screen resolution will be much lower than the HD we’re used to seeing on the grown up consoles. That’s a lot less data to worry about.

  2. matt

    3DS has launch period games that have graphics as good as current Wii/PS3 games i mean both Resident evil 3DS games look better than ps3/wii as its in 3D and SSF4 is slightly toned down but Capcom said it could have handled it all but by tweaking some things that r unseable by the naked eye in other words u wont notice makes the game faster than the consoles and also these r launch games,Launch games on ps3/wii were not even close to graphic quality seen in 3DS launch games so with Ninja Gaiden/RE Revelations and Mega man legends 3 ect as well as 3 games from N-space and HVS showing there 3DS tech at end of month at GDC and rumours of Crytek jumping on the 3DS things look good and the big reason Nintendo has bought a handheld out more Powerful than there Home console is simply so it can compare to Wii2/PS4 ect as theres plenty of scope 4 Capcom to evolve there 3DS tech and keep things looking better.