New Gears of War 3 Enemies Detailed

Game Reactor has details on GoW3’s new enemy types, which we have reproduced for you here along with transcriptions of what the LQ descriptions on the images say.


“Everyone is stranded now, even the Locust. Flooded out of their underground Hollow when Jacinto was sunk, some have become separated from what’s left of their forces and are surviving on their own. Just like the stranded ground-walkers they despise. Almost feral, the savage Locust make homes where they can, sometimes digging new tunnels just beneath the surface, sometimes seeking shelter in former human structures–anywhere that feels like the dark, subterranean home they remember”

These guys almost look like the mutants from Fallout 3, don’t they?

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“They’re like a jack-in-the-box from hell. When one of these huge vine-like Lambent growths punches high into the air and its giant blister pods begin to form, there’s no telling what nightmare they’ll spew out. Whatever it is, its come to kill you”

Tentacle monsters! From the sea! Reminds me of old sea stories involving sea monsters like the Kraken, Giant Squids or colossal Squids. I wonder if we’ll kill these by going inside of them, like last game did for another enemy?


“The Locust are supremely skilled at adapting native animals into war machines. We don’t know what the siege Beasts looked like before the grubs got to work on these, but they’ve strapped the creatures to gun carriages and painfully exploited the power of the massive hind legs to make a siege catapult that fires incendiary bombs”

I have no words?


“The Drudge is a Locust Drone whose been taken over by the Lambent infection–or life form, depending on your point of view. It appears to spawn from the pulsating growths on the stalks. It was bad enough as a regular grub, but Lambency can now make him mutate into a grotesque mass of tentacles and goo. Shoot him before he charges and his body will explode, but if you’re really unlucky, his newly deformed snakelike head will live on and finish the attack.”

Aha! We saw these pictured in our last Gears post with screenshots. Gears 3: more tentacles, goo and lambent than you can shake a stick at. It’ll be interesting to see the head of this monster come in to try to finish you off.

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