Vanquish is Awesome

What happens when you let Hillary Clinton become president? Platinum Games’ Shinji Mikami, whom you might know as the creator of the RE franchise and more recently, Bayonetta, has the answer. Apparently Russians hijack our sun laser and use it to destroy San Francisco, that’s what. But it’s not all bad in the universe where Hillary Clinton is president, because we also get crazy ass mech suits which allow our soldiers to become robot ninjas with lasers, explosions and shiny bits. Vanquish is a third-person shooter with a cover system–you’re thinking Gears, here, right? Well…let me show you the reveal trailer of Vanquish, which came out a few months ago, to show you how wrong you are.

So, nothing too crazy in this video, why am I excite? For one, I just have a thing for live-action trailers done right. I’m also a fan of the futuristic color palette which trades in our usual boring grays and browns for cool whites and blues. Moreover, the suits don’t look as plasticky and downright toyish as they do in Halo. Still, that trailer wasn’t what made me start foaming at the mouth. This other trailer showing gameplay is.

Impressions and thoughts after the jump.

First, what the heck:

I’m guessing we’ll do just that during our game. But that aside,

Holy sweet mother of Jesus.

The action is deliciously fast paced. Its as if you took Gears of War and gave Marcus the Vanguard’s power, from Mass Effect –and we all know that the Vanguard is the best class in ME. You’re also fighting giant mechs in epic, frantic battles while your score is being tallied on the far left corner. The visuals are also top notch. Is this the shooting genre getting a breath fresh, Japanese air?

I’m really hoping that they nail movement down. If that is organic and natural, then I can definitely see Vanquish being a blast to play. Judging from the gameplay video, it will be.

We expect to see more of Vanquish during E3, where it is rumored that the release date will be revealed. We will definitely keep you posted.