The Sunday Gaming Club #4

This is a bit of a rushed edition. Brunch and a general sickness will do that. Though we are pretty classy. I think the painting is a nice touch, but you know. Brief, no fuss edition go!

(Also, this is a change I’m trying out: I’ve decided 3 games are too many, and we will scale back to two. I might change my mind, but I doubt it)

Go more-ing for the two games!

#1: Depict1, Windows, Downloaded

A game made by Kyle Pulver for the Global Game Jam. For a game made with some time constraints, it’s absolutely fantastic. It’s a platform game at heart, sure, but it’s…well, honestly, the less I say about it, the better. All I should say is that, at the beginning, you should press a lot of buttons. It uses a nontraditional control scheme; it does so for good reason, but this frustrates some people, who press the arrow keys, say “It doesn’t work”, and close the program.

#2 Before the Law, Flash

(There’d be a picture here, except…the game is about a minute long so I don’t feel like I should post a picture. Also, *every* post about the game has used the same picture, and I don’t like feeling that generic.)

I’m a sucker for adaptations of works of literature into video games. There’s something so terrible about the idea that I have to appreciate it. This is, actually, a good example of it working, and a good example of how interactive fiction can really be used to have a message.

It’s also neat because I never would have thought an adaptation of Kafka would actually work, and yet here we are. Next up: a video game adaptation of Dostoevsky. And it’ll work!

Come on back next week for two more games. This week, you’ll have to live with these two.