My friends and I play Brawl more often than any sane human being should. It’s terrifying, really. We’re not tourney tards per se, but we don’t play like most people do either.

Items are always off, unless we’re feeling stupid that day. Characters with projectiles are frowned upon, but not prohibited. Most stages are fair game, though we have preference toward flat ones. If we’re feeling adventurous, we’ll pick the glitchtastic Green-Greens.


I’m convinced that a couple of my friends play at top Brawl level. Interestingly, these friends both play low tier characters: Ganondorf, Ness and DK. I tend to play mid-to-high tier–Toon Link as the main, followed by Diddy and CFalc. With their projectiles, Toon Link and Diddy are the harbingers of rage. As a distant last choice, we have King Dedede. Currently I am trying to pick up Wolf, but I cannot seem to get the hang of…staying alive.

We just downloaded Balanced Brawl a few days ago, a mod which aims to balance all the characters in the game There are dozens of changes which you can check out in the Balanced Brawl website, but there’s only one worth mentioning: CFALK’S FALCON PUNCH HAS SUPER ARMOR. Also, CFalk’s moves actually work. It’s amazing how much fun this game is now. I’m not sure I’m capable of playing normal Brawl anymore.

Check Balanced Brawl out–your favorite terrible character may have gotten better.